The Back Pages TV Season One.jpg

The Back Pages Episode 1 - Dust To Dust

In the near future, a lauded botanist who has opted for a prison sentence on Mars in a lone scientific outpost nears the end of his sentence successfully until he encounters something in the Martian soil.

The Back Pages Episode 2 - Piqué Par la Mort

A young woman aspiring to become a ballet dancer is plagued by the presence of a mysterious man. Things intensify when she becomes comatose and her parents must make a decision that holds her life in the balance.

The Back Pages Episode 3 - To Belong

A rural diner owner must choose sides when a mysterious woman on the run shows up at his diner.

The Back PAges Episode 4 - Innocence Escaped

In Northern California during the late 1800’s, a simple farm hand is accused of murder and must choose how he faces the swiftness of frontier justice.

The Back Pages Episode 5 - Jing

Six months after a drunken one night stand, a young man returns to the apartment of his former lover to discover surprising changes.

The Back Pages Episode 6 - Hairwolf: A Were-Removal Story

A recently turned werewolf on a mission to remove his fur struggles with his animalistic desires when he is sidetracked by a young woman who needs help finding her stolen purse.

The Back Pages Episode 7 - The Woman from the Water

After ignoring his roommate’s advice and skipping out on work, a young man discovers a gorgeous unconscious woman who is completely naked on the beach. How he handles the situation has repercussions for both him and his roommate.