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In the back of every bookstore, buried in the dusty pages of its forgotten books there’s a secret collation of stories. Scribbled in the margins and scrawled between typeset lines, they’re stories from a reality so true it can only be called extraordinary. Part human fiction, part science reality, they’re an epilogue to untold histories and footnotes to an unknown future. A truth-bound context for the contemporary that can only be explained as unexplainable, these are The Back Pages.


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T.L. Green

Writer/Director/Creative Producer

Thomas has had an assortment of random jobs, but it wasn’t until he discovered filmmaking in 2015 that he found his true passion. Jumping at any and every opportunity he can find, he’s pursued filmmaking ever since then without looking back. When you ask him what his favorite film is, some of the first titles that come to mind are: Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, and John Sturges’ Bad Day at Black Rock. He is currently eating wasabi peas while writing this; they are very good.

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Kendall Bryant Jr.

Executive Producer/Creative Producer/Cinematographer

Kenny started acting from grade school and throughout high school. As life would have it, that passion would be placed on hold while serving in the United States Marine Corps and fighting in The Persian Gulf War. He then was involved in community leadership and founded a successful business. Twenty years later, he attended a leadership school that helped renew his love for acting, filmmaking and storytelling. In 2015, he founded Chaos2Love Productions. Kenny is the only person on the team that was actually there… at the original Star Wars… in the movie theater… the week it opened… before we knew Luke and Leah were siblings!

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Tyler Pochop


Ever since he was a little kid, Tyler has always had a zest for films and real-life adventures. After finishing his U.S. Army service enlistment, Tyler continued pursuing his love of movies by going to film school and then working on many independent projects. He has many projects he's currently working on, and, by trusting in the Lord, he'll hit his target.

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Sabrina Beyeler

Associate Producer/Production Manager/Behind-the-Scenes Host/Actor

Sabrina is born and raised in Switzerland. When she was a little girl Sabrina performed in many stage productions. She loved it but Sabrina chose to get trained as a nurse and worked in a day clinic for several years. When she came to America for study, her dream to be involved in the entertainment world came alive again. Sabrina loves traveling, she has an eye for beauty and fashion. Her passion is to inspire people and encourage them to pursue their dreams. She is living her dream right now by hosting and acting in The Back Pages. She implores all her peers to go on an adventure!

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Alyssa Everett

first Assistant Director/Social Media Coordinator

Alyssa is a California native with a passion for storytelling. She is currently studying at the Bethel Conservatory of Arts with a major in acting. Upon graduating, she aims to build a career in both acting and directing films. From a young age she’s aspired to be in film and to make a lasting impact on the world. She has a heart for transformation and freedom and is drawn to all things creative. Though only 22 years old, she has moved a total of 18 times over the course of her life.

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Deborah Kropp

Assistant Production Designer/Script Supervisor

Even at a young age Deborah found herself fascinated by art and people. Growing up in Germany, she’s been involved in a variety of art forms including: singing, piano, acting and dance. With a deep interest in drama therapy, in the future she hopes to connect psychology with the arts in a way that no one has done before. While pursuing that dream she loves to take the opportunities that open up in front of her, just like The Back Pages did. Some of her other interests include fashion and writing. Also, if you know where to look online, you can find a clip of her appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Kate English

Costume Designer

Kate English is an entrepreneur, seamstress and vintage clothing geek. She is a native northern Californian and, though she has traveled the world, she has always returned to its golden hills. She has designed and created costumes for numerous parties, plays and short films. Musicals, metal zippers, and stories that draw you into themselves are what makes her heart happy. Some of her onscreen favorites include Roman Holiday and Firefly. She also makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

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Rachel McKnew

Makeup Artist

Rachel McKnew is a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist. Her passion for bringing confidence to women and her love of creativity inspired her to pursue a career in makeup artistry. Since completing Esthetics school over 7 years ago she has had the privilege of working along many Photographers and Videographers on a wide variety of projects, as well as working with clients for wedding and event makeup services.

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Wayne Banks Jr.


Wayne is a graphic designer and video editor originally from the Washington DC area. Although Redding, California has been home for the last several years, Wayne aspires to move to Los Angeles to pursue video editing and production in the Entertainment Industry. Interestingly enough, Wayne masterfully accomplishes his design and editing work despite being color blind. His favorite movie is Inception, and his favorite tv show is Game of Thrones.

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Jessica Cooper

Acting Coach/Actor

Jessica is originally from Charleston, West Virginia and attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA for her Bachelor of Arts in Theater Performance. She has many years of experience in musical theater and has worked with many different theaters. Some of her roles include Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray (Charleston Light Opera Guild, Huntington Outdoor Theater), Ilona Ritter in She Loves Me (LU Tower Theater) and various roles in Mary Poppins (Alluvion Stage Company). She will be teaching at Bethel Conservatory of Arts that is to start in September of 2017.

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Alan Carnes

Key Special Effects Makeup Artist

Alan has been a special effects makeup and props artist for 12 years. He finds being the creator of the most unimaginable things to be a wonder and enjoys it. He’s always been fascinated with the creation of creatures, props and make up ever since he was a young boy. With hard work and a few years of training and practice, he’s honed his craft into a full-time living. He loves his job.